Who are we?

Database Hub began doing business in 1999 as the software provider for a small Pre-Paid CLEC. We located our offices in the same building as the CLEC in order to facilitate communications and to aid in developing the best product for tracking the customers and service that any CLEC might offer. We feel that this has been achieved. Our software package is like no other.

We have now moved to a new location and have written a new Software package based on what we learned while working with the original CLEC. The new product is far superior to original software. We have added a higher levels of tracking and also we have added many new features such as the ability to Track PrePaid Cellular PINS and PrePaid LD PINS for resale through the Network of Merchants. We are currently working with Red River Communications to implement an automated interface which will allow a CLEC to implement the Long Distance Products available from Red River with no additional Labor costs.

Our Current Project - Web Teleco - has been in development since 1999.

Features include:

  1. Web Interface
  2. In House / Outsource Billing
  3. Accurate Telecomm Taxes Tax Tables provided by CCH or an extra fee
  4. Taxable Income Export File Compatible with Tax Partners
  5. Reduced Phone calls to Customer Service by providing the Merchant with appropriate customer service Information
  6. Up to 20 Security Access Levels
  7. Up to 30 Customer Status codes
  8. Online Invoice Viewing
  9. Reduced Accounts Receivable Daily ACH files created to retrieve the money from the merchants
  10. Real time Merchant Interface
  11. Merchant activity restricted to Merchants Customer base
  12. Flexible Merchant Commission tracking
  13. Flexible Sales Agent Commission tracking
  14. SQL Interface for Quick Easy Report Generation